Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who Ordained Marriage?

Hello! Here an excellent sermon by Jason Cooley, pastor of Old Paths Baptist Church in Minnesota. Recently I came across this sermon on Sermon Audio while I was looking for a sermon by someone else. Enjoy!
Who Ordained Marriage: God or State?

Here's another excellent sermon in regards to marriage by Jason Cooley, as well:
Covenant Marriage vs. Contract Marriage

The thing about the marriage license is when you do that you are giving  the government jurisdiction over that marriage which is supposed to be God's jurisdiction. I can see how it would provoke the Lord to jealousy. It's placing the government as God when you have no need to ask them to do something that has already been established by God. Bro. Jason Cooley goes through the passage in the NT (Ephesians 5?) talking about how Christ is the head of the church and the husband the head of the wife. Since that is the case how could someone get a marriage license  knowing this? If Christ is the head then how can someone be willing to allow the government have jurisdiction with marriage and incorporating the church? It's a spiritual matter not just physical.  The whole Romans 13  thing has been misapplied for such a long time. The Nazi's started using that first so that the people would submit to them. Brother Cooley has several sermons on Roman's 13/Church incorporation. 
And it doesn't matter whether some states allow covenant marriage or not. God ordained  marriage so they have no business trying to commercialize marriage so they can get more money and to have control when God never gave it to them in the first place in the Scriptures.

Reformation began with Christ (Hebrews 9:8- 11, KJB) and it is our duty as born-again Christians to keep reforming. To keep ourselves from becoming filthy and accepting the world's ungodly doctrines and teachings. We must stay vigilant and stand for what is true and right according to God's perfect, inspired Authorized Bible- the KJ.

~Karla on behalf of the Ward Family

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Garden update

Howdy, Yall!

Thought we'd share pictures of our garden with yall. Now, you'll notice in some that our tomatoes need to be pruned(please excuse that) and some have been since the photos were taken. It takes time to prune so sometimes we don't get to it as quickly as we should. Also, the date is wrong on the pictures.

Hope yall enjoy!

Onion and garlic chives


When we came back from visiting friends in Cali for a week this is what my mints looked like in the above kiddie pool. But, the sage and garlic/onion chives looked great!
Magenta Crisphead Lettuce
Little lettuces.
More lettuces:)
And more lettuce.
White icicle radishes- they're supposed to be spicy.
More white icicle radishes
6-8 cauliflower plants growing.
A tomato plant that sprung up by itself. We grew all our tomatoes in GroPots or Smart Pots but this one came up in one of our raised beds.
We have a broccoli head that looks like it's ready to harvest. We have other small heads growing.
The one that's ready to be harvested.


Royal Burgundy beans(they're purple till you cook them then they turn green like other green beans)
Green/Royal Purple bean plants. Some of the leaves got frost bitten.
Those are some Delicious tomatoes! I can't help but eat some when I am washing up a bunch after I harvest them or my brother does.

Casper eggplant
eggplant..I don't know what it's called.
Pablano peppers

I know you can't see them but there a ton of jalapenos on this plant. We've got a few jalapeno plants. Some grown from seed and some might be transplants.
One of our bell pepper plants. We have 5 bell pepper plants...not much but next year we might plant more than just 5.
A collard that came up from an earlier planting this year.
Karla's comfrey. She loves herbs!
The cayenne patch. We have several of them. They just need to turn red.



Siberian Dwarf Kale

Tabasco peppers
Chocolate mint

jalapeno, cayenne, and belle peppers.

more white icicle radishes

Lettuce! Yum!

Siberian Dwarf Kale


Ain't nothing like garden fresh tomatoes!

Yummy crisphead lettuce.

On behalf of the Ward family,